“The world’s 1st Clip-on Rechargeable Ring type LED light with a wide-angle lens”


We have developed the “Twinkle-Ring” to expand your world of selfie shooting more valuable and more superior.
Your support will help us to deliver the “Twinkle-Ring” to the market all over the world.
To be the backer of our product is to represent our company,
and the best selfie picture taking device and inform the world of its existence.

 <Product Description>

“You will get all you need to take a selfie without any issues you had experienced before !! “

 The LED light with detachable filters will allow you to make your selfie pictures brighter and make you look more vibrant.
And the wide angle lens can provide you with a better view of the background.


The Wide-angle lens and Filter can be detached according to the circumstances.


 It can be simply attached onto the most common smartphone and tablet cameras,
so your device with ordinary camera will turn into the best device for shooting a selfie.
It is simple but no one ever imagined such a product like this before.

<About the issues of shooting selfies>

“There are so many limitation with the “front-camera”, even though we selfie with it every day.”

 In the recent years, selfie has been more popular than ever before,
and there have been many kinds of selfie sticks that are available in the market all over the world these days.

As you all know that the most of the time, you selfie with the “front-camera” , no matter how expensive or inexpensive your device is.
We send or post on the go, uploading and posting those pictures on Twitter and any other social network sites.

 Nevertheless, the “front-cameras” are mostly designed as communication tools, it is designed for only good enough so people can see and talk to you through them ,using on FaceTime ,Skype or any other communication Apps.
Worse yet, there is no flash in the front of the phone, so that makes it hard to shoot selfie when there is not enough light around you.


Those who want to take a better selfie and have enough resources to make that happen will buy a “Go-Pro” for the best pictures possible.
But ordinary people would have to make the best of what they have.
And besides, it’s more convenient to take a picture with your smartphones. It is also going to be difficult to take a picture of yourself with a background from a good angle without a selfie stick at places if you are not allowed to bring in a selfie stick.


Product Name Twinkle-Ring
Product Code/Color CLLEINLA/White , CLLEINLB/Black
Recommended Retail Price US$29.99 /Unit
FOB PRICE ASK !! now !!
MOQ 500 Units or ASK !!
Dimensions Width:1.73″/44 mm x Height:3.46″/88 mm x Depth:1.1″/28mm Weight : 0.07 lb/ 33g (without the wide-angle lens)
Body Weight 38 g / 0.08 lb
Battery capacity 320 mAh
Charging time approx.70 minutes
Operating time approx.4 hours in Low mode, approx.45 minute in High mode
Number of LED light 8 lights
Kelvin color temperature Higher than 8,000K
Detachable Filters Clear,White,Orange
Accessories 1 x “twinkle-Ring”, 3 colors of filters(Clear,White,Orange),
1 x wide-angle lens micro USB charging cable
Click here for the English instruction manual

Depending on the model of the smartphone and tablet,
vignetting on the edges might be appeared due to the specification of the lens.
Please click here for more details.

Package size Width:110mm/4.3″ x Depth:30mm/1.1″ x Height:120mm/4.7″
Total package weight 87 g / 0.19
Warranty period 6 Months