USB Eye Warmer Mask with self-timer


Dimensions Width:195mm/7.6 “x Depth:88mm/3.5” x Length:20 mm/0.8″USB cable length : 190 cm / 6.2 ft
Body Weight 84 g / 0.2 lb
Power Via USB
Interface USB2.0
Accessories Body, USB cable with self-timer function, Instruction Manual in Japanese
Reference temperature Low : 35°C/95°F , Mid : 40°C/1.4°F , High : 45°C/113°F* Temperature depends on environment
Compatible head diameter Up to 60 cm / 23 inches
CAUTION !! * Beware low temperature burns in the case of long-term use.Do not forcibly pull the wiring such as a heater part will be shorted, it might cause abnormal high temperature.

Discontinue use immediately and contact our support if the heat goes too hot.

Package size Width:95mm x Depth:265mm x Height:40mm
Total package weight 600g
Warranty period 6 mounths

* There is a case to change without notice for improvement specifications.

* The model on the pictures is not included for the packages.