Dust and pollen blocker shield with fan

When Pollen begins to spread every year, the nose becomes itchy and tears won't stop. I will never go outside!!


At such time, here comes a yellow fellow! “USB POLLEN BLOCKER”


This is a brand-new type Pollen Countermeasure Goods that prevent Pollen from entering with a hood covering completely from the head to the shoulder.


Once wearing the mask which completely covers from the head to the shoulder and adjusting the string on the breast, air will be shut out.


This includes a fan and a filter on the upper part.


This will prevent the mask from fogging up, and prevent you from getting stifled.


Be free from Pollen and feel fine. Wearing this, you can stay away from Pollen. uspolblk-top01.jpg


Impregnable Pollen Countermeasure Goods! Make a space inviolable from Pollen.

Keep off Pollen at any rate to prevent Pollen to enter.


Even wearing a commercially available mask and glasses, Pollen will enter through any gap and you can't stop sneezing!


Many of you may want to wash your entire face.

As you can see, USB POLLEN BLOCKER covers completely from the head to the shoulder, Pollen will be tightly shut out.

The air inside the hood is kept as clean as that inside a clean room.


With a fan, No fog in the hood.

Many of you must be uncomfortable wearing commercially available masks as you feel stuffy and tight.


Of course, this USB POLLEN BLOCKER is cautious enough on that point, too.


A USB-driving fan is fit to the cap part of the hood to take fresh air into the hood.


There is no worry about getting stuffy or fogging the shield up.

Of course, a mask filter is attached to prevent Pollen from entering through the fan.

Only Pollen will be shut off.


The big sized shield does not cut off your view.

A big sized shield formed with a clear board is applied to the front side of the hood.


As it does not cut off your view, you can act as usual.


Available in both outdoors and indoors

The USB cable is detached easily. You can carry it anywhere you go, indoors or outdoors.


You can wear this not only in an office, but also at outdoor works such as hanging washing out to dry or gardening.

You must have experienced a hard time during Hay Fever seasons before.

But now, by wearing this USB POLLEN BLOCKER, you can carry clean air with you anywhere you go.


It won’t be ruined the make ups by covering your face with big sized shield 

Product overview on Youtube video



There are individual differences in the results of this product,
such as, it worked just fine for one of out staff, did not work great for the other staff when we tested.

Also, the mask that comes with this product is only for testing.
We suggest that attach a brand new mask and try to not make any space as much as you can.
Because they makes spaces between the mask and the body no matter what when you attach the mask with screws.