Hammock Footrest

Hammock style Footrest makes your feet more relaxed !!

Hammock style !! Feels like tropical style ?!

A solution for the most frequently Asked trouble on desk job

Product dimensions and overview

Dimensions Width:1640mm/64.5 "x Depth:200 mm/7.8" x Length:20 mm/0.78"
Body Weight 229 g/ 0.5 lb
Compatible desk dimensions Thickness : up to 20mm/0.78" , Width:620 – 1500mm / 24.4" – 59"
Recommended desk dimensions Thickness : 20mm/0.78" , Width:1200mm /47.2"
Accessories Body, 2 x Hooks
CAUTION !! * Check the corresponding size of the desk.
* If it is not possible to hook the hook on the desk in such posts should be installed by removing the top plate of the desk.
Package size Width:143mm x Depth:255mm x Height:50mm
Total package weight 400g
Warranty period 3 Mounths

* There is a case to change without notice for improvement specifications.

* The model on the pictures is not included for the packages.