GORONE Prism Eyewear

“GORONE” Prism Eyewear that lets you watch TV while lying on your back !!




These special prism glasses were initially developed for bedridden patients,

Now, they are also find plenty of use for allowing the wearer to lie on their backs

while reading,watching TV or even using portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Furthermore, they let you to read without neck pain comfortably sitting purpose!!

Need to wear Reading glasses ?? Don’t worry, you can wear these “GORONE Prism Glasses” on them !!


The word of “GORONE” means being lazy and lying down in Japanese.








Size Width : 161 mm x depth : 207 mm x Length: 42 mm
Body Weight 85.2 g
Accessories Body only
Package size Width : 162 mm x Depth : 77 mm x Height : 57 mm
Total package weight 400g
Warranty period 1 mounths


* There is a case to change without notice for improvement specifications.

* The model on the pictures is not included for the packages.