Stand-alone Cassette-to-MP3 Converter

With this one machine, convert tracks from a records or cassettes to MP3s!
What’s more, the tracks are automatically divided up into individual sound files!
Individual tracks means individual playback!
The MP3 files are saved onto a microSD card (sold separately).
This one machine, a music player that converts your records and cassettes to MP3s on a microSD card with no need for a computer, can do everything for you!
MP3 data means you can listen to your music on your iPod, Walkman or smartphone. 
If you have this machine, you can manage the tracks from hundreds of cassettes and records on your computer.



 Convert cassettes and records into MP3 files!

With this one machine you can convert tracks from cassettes or records into individual MP3s!
—Converting to MP3 means no worries about sound quality deteriorating
One concern is that the sound quality of cassettes can deteriorate over the years. Once you convert to MP3, there's no need to worry about sound quality deterioration.
—By converting the sound to data, there's no need for physical storage space
When you convert the sound to data, those hundreds of cassettes and records are all stored in your computer. If you ever had problems with storage and considered throwing out your beloved music, if you convert them to data you can keep them forever!
—You can play the music, even without a tape player
If you have piles of tapes but no tape player…don't worry anymore! You can even use this machine as a tape player!
—It will divide up and record tracks separately
It won't save the music from your cassette as one file, it will divide it up into individual tracks for you.
—You can convert from MD to MP3
This machine supports MDs too! Of course, even with line in input, individual tracks are recognised and can be recorded separately.
—No need to do anything while it's recording
There's no need to do anything once the track division setting has been chosen. The tracks are divided up automatically.
The operation manual is described in Japanese. There is no operation manual described in English. 


The gap between tracks is recognised automatically, tracks are made into separate files, which is very useful for playing them back!


This one machine does everything required to get from conversion to playback!

This one machine can convert records or cassettes to MP3s and save them on a microSD card with no need for a computer.
What's more, you can even play the recorded MP3 files on the machine itself. It's all-purpose, functioning as both a tape player and an MP3 player!
The operation manual is described in Japanese. There is no operation manual described in English. 


35 x 83 x 114 (mm)

1.4 x 3.3 x 4.5 inch

Weight (Without battery) 196g
Power USB power supply or batteries 

two three batteries × ※ AAA alkaline (not included)
Interface  USB2.0
Pay an article Body, Japanese manual, (3.5mm diameter, USB charging cable) LINE cable 

※ battery, microSD card is not attached. Please prepare separately.
Recording format MP3(192kbps)
Recording data storage location (~ 32GB) microSD 

※ microSD card sold separately
Recognizing the warp The silence detection system by recording sound level
Package Size 126 × 130 ×  62 (mm)
I weight (including packaging) 352g
Warranty period 6 months


※ There is a case to change without notice for improvement specification.