Kickstarter Project

In 2015, April 27th, we have launched a project called “Twinkle-Ring” at
Many thanks to all backers and supporters !!
We are grateful that our project was supported by many across the world.
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We have developed the “Twinkle-Ring” to expand your world of selfie shooting more valuable and more superior.
Your support will help us to deliver the “Twinkle-Ring” to the market all over the world,
and to be the backer of our product is to represent our company and the best selfie picture taking device and inform the world of its existence.

The “Twinkle-Ring” is the world’s 1st Clip-on Rechargeable Ring type LED light with a wide-angle lens,
which was particularly designed to expand the world of shooting a selfie with more valuable opportunities of its pictures.
The LED light with detachable filters will allow you to make your selfie pictures brighter and make you look more vibrant.
And the wide angle lens can provide you with a better view of the background.
It can be simply attached onto the most common smartphone and tablet cameras,
so your device with ordinary camera will turn into the best device for shooting a selfie.
It is simple but no one ever imagined such a product like this before.

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