USB Air circulator for shoes




Size Width:48mm(1.8″) x Depth:72mm(2.8″) x Length:33(1.3″) mm
Body Weight 50 g (1.7 oz)
Power Via USB (5V)
Accessories Body, USB cable(lenght 140mm/5.5″)
fan control 2 steps
CAUTION !! * Do not touch the fan part directly when power is on.
* Try to put it on before use it.
* Keep away from flame and moisture.
* It may harm the material of the shoes when it is wet.
Package size Width:94mm(3.7″) x Depth:180mm(7″) x Height:60mm(2.3″)
*overseas package may very than normal package.
Total package weight 200g
*overseas package may very than domestic package.
Warranty period 6 mounths


* There is a case to change without notice for improvement specifications.

* The model on the pictures is not included for the packages.