RARE MONO by Thanko Inc.

“RARE-MONO Products” produced by Thanko Inc.

Thank you for visiting our website of the world famous innovated life gadgets
“RARE-MONO Products” produced by Thanko Inc.
Unfortunately, we have discontinued the direct-online shopping for individual customers.
Some of our products are available at Amazon.com,
and they might ship it to your country.
Please check here for shopping and shipping informations at Amazon.com.
We are sorry for any inconvenience on this issue.

Our headquarter office has been moved.

Please be advised that our headquarter office has been moved to the following location since 22 June 2015.

New address : 4F, Kandaishikawa BLDG.
4-9-8 Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo,101-0021 Japan

New Phone Number :+81-3-3526-4323
New FAX Number:+81-3-3526-4322

RARE MONO SHOP by Thanko Inc.

Our stores are still at the same location.

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